Help your clients maximize profits and performance from their intellectual property.


Forecast Accurately Gain insight for every transaction to forecast with precision

Save Time Simplify the entire licensing life cycle and royalty accounting with built-in tools

Automate Royalty Processes Calculate and track all royalties in one easy to manage place

Increase Revenue Ensure payments are on-time and reported accurately

Monitor Compliance Schedule notifications and alerts for timely action

Make the Best Decisions Track performance and make well-informed decisions

Succeed Globally Expand your opportunities with multiple currency and language capabilities

Integrate with Other Systems Designed to integrate with Microsoft Office and existing accounting systems

Customize Easily Define unique contracts, calculations and programs to fit your needs

Explore an interactive AXIP Licensing Agencies dashboard

Explore an interactive AXIP Licensing Agencies Role Center Dashboard


AXIP provides licensing agencies with powerful features to ensure clients are successfully leveraging their intellectual property. With full-featured royalty and accounting functionality, you can confidently manage all royalty collection and distribution processes, build custom licensing programs for U.S. and multinational clients, and ensure timely action and compliance. Our flexible solution simplifies the entire licensing life cycle and royalty acccounting with the ability to expand as your business expands.