AXIP for Licensors

Simplify your entire IP lifecycle from memo to expiration.

Improve Your Bottom Line Increase revenues with accurate payments and reports

Forecast the Future Forecast future revenue with greater precision

Succeed Globally Increase global revenue opportunities with multiple currency and language capabilities

Save Time Save time and money by simplifying and integrating workflows in one place

Monitor Compliance Closely monitor and easily validate IP contract compliance

Customize Easily Customize systems to fit your needs without programming

Assure Accuracy Ensure accuracy with automated royalty calculations and reporting

Initiate Action Schedule alerts and reminders for more timely action

Make the Best Decisions Track performance and make more informed decisions with instant access to information


Explore an interactive AXIP Licensors dashboard

Explore an interactive AXIP Licensor Role Center Dashboard



AXIP enables licensors to proactively manage and fully leverage their IP assets with integrated license contract management and royalty compliance reporting.

Also featuring built-in business intelligence tools, licensors can easily gain total visibility into all license-related activity.

Download our AXIP for Licensors datasheet.